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Hazelton Woodworks

Custom Woodwork, Wood Components, and Small Volume Lumber Sales

Hazelton Woodworks is a small business catering to the home woodworker, crafter, homeowner, and small commercial shop. I provide quality Appalachian hardwoods, often in hard-to-find configurations. I fill requests for unique hard-to-find wood, custom woodwork projects, small runs of custom millwork, and small runs of dimension work for the commercial shop. Hazelton Woodworks is located in the high plateau of the Allegheny mountains of West Virginia; my location allows me to produce and supply a variety of appalachian hardwoods. All lumber listed for sale has been kiln-dried, unless otherwise stated. Naturally, I have sources for "green lumber", so let me know if you are interested in same. My lumber inventory is grouped by type. If you are looking for something that you don't see, let me know, as I only show a sample of my specialty boards that are available.

I efficiently provide small-scale production runs of various wood components. This may include panel glue-ups, squares, framestock, or special moldings. Generally I can deliver finished squares, at a cost not much more than what it would cost to ship the stock lumber required to produce the squares, due to the greatly decreased shipping weight and applicable shipping charges. Smaller shops may benefit by using my services as a part-time "employee", without the overhead, by allowing me to complete "parts" at my shop. When the "parts" arrive at your shop, you pull them out of the box and keep producing YOUR product.


I enjoy doing a full range of woodwork, varying from kitchen cabinets to artistic tables, with a particular interest in restoring or recreating woodwork in old houses, and those houses built to look "old. Please see my Other Products/Services page for examples of my work.


Hazelton Woodworks is located near my home which is approximately 30 miles east of Morgantown, WV, and about .25 mile off of I-68 - Hazelton Road exit (#29). I am available evenings and weekends, please call before making the drive. There are several shipping options, depending on the weight of your order. I'll need your address and an approximate idea of what you're interested in to calculate the best shipping option. I charge a $5.00 boxing fee for smaller orders and a $25.00 palletizing fee for larger orders. Also, note my surfacing fees on the lumber price page. Surfacing or dimensioning saves freight cost due to the decreased weight of the lumber being shipped.

I ship smaller packages, up to 75 lbs. AND less than 160 united inches, via FedEx. This works well for lumber packages up to 20 bf in shorter lengths. For larger orders, I use Overnight freight. Delivery to a residence greatly increases freight cost. For pallet deliveries, keep in mind that you will be expected to unload the pallet yourself, and that it takes alot of room to maneuver a tractor-trailer. It is less expensive if you are willing to pick the package up at a nearby Overnight terminal. I provide delivery for orders up to 1500 bf within a 250 mile radius of my shop. Delivery charges are $1.00/mile with a $50.00 minimum. Currently, I accept cash, check, money orders, or Paypal.


I am a craftsman and provide a quality product. I believe that the outcome of any job is directly related to the materials that YOU start with. As a small businees owner, I want satisfied cusomers who ultimately promote my product. The beauty of wood is its natural variation in color and texture. Please ask questions before you order, so that I provide to you the quality lumber that you desire. If you're not completly satisfied with the lumber you receive, please contact me and I'll make arrangements to ship it back.

Thomas G Stauffer Jr.
Hazelton Woodworks
Rt 3 Box 148
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525